To regain online access, select 'Forgot Password?' Follow the prompts and provide the requested information. If your online access continues to be locked, please contact us by Email.

To manage a dispute on your credit card account, visit the Dispute Center at any time. You can also view all open and closed disputes or cancel an existing dispute.
To manage a dispute on your ATM/Debit card account, please Contact Us through live Chat. A representative will help you with your claim.

To apply for an account online, you need to:

  • Be a U.K. citizen or resident alien
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Answer questions to authenticate your identity
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions of the account
  • If you meet these eligibility requirements, you will need to provide your:
  • U.K. address
  • Personal information such as date of birth, occupation and phone number. If applying for a loan or line of credit, you will also be asked to supply information about your source of income. Please be aware that OYB® will verify the information you provide before approving your application.
  • Find your recent transactions in the Transaction Details page. Use the filters to view your transactions by category and time period Summary.

    Your funds can be transferred to and from accounts by a wire transfer. Contact our client service center at for more details. Please be advised that there are fees involved when sending and receiving wire transfers. Provide the OYB Incoming Wire Transfer Instructions to your external financial institution and they will be able to assist you with getting the wire transfer sent to your Grandlux account.

    For more information, visit our branch, call us or send us an email with your request.